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What are colored diamonds and why are they so unique and sought after?

Today, women and men alike are becoming more and more sophisticated and attuned to luxury goods like designer bags, bespoke footwear and of course, diamonds. Not only are we attracted to the glitter and glamour of diamonds, but we are no longer limited to wearing colorless or white diamonds as well.

There is now a demand for colored diamonds and they are fast becoming a status symbol as well as a beautiful accessory on white gold earrings.  You can now choose what colored diamond you want on your earrings!  But what are colored diamonds and how do they turn into their respective colors?

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In order to answer the above question, we must first tackle how diamonds in general are made. Diamonds consist of carbon molecules that were formed as a result of the intense heat and pressure below the Earth’s mantle.  Whenever there would be an opening in the Earth’s mantle, due to the extreme pressure of the very hot molten material underneath, not only would kimberlite and lamproite magma emerge, but diamonds as well. More often than not, a colorless or white diamond will emerge from this process.

However, in the event that another element mixes in with the carbon molecules, or if the carbon molecules are exposed to another substance during the concurrence of the temperature and pressure conditions that create a diamond, a colored diamond will result. The occurrence of a natural colored diamond is very rare, hence their elusiveness. And as we know the more rare and elusive and object is, the more it is priced exorbitantly and is sought after even more.

So unique and rare are the conditions that create a colored diamond that it was estimated that only one in every ten thousand colorless or white diamonds that have successfully reached the Earth’s surface turn out to be colored.  Of course, the location of the diamond source and its geography also play an important role in the type of color and quality of the color that will result.

So what are these elements that cause the change in a diamond’s color?  According to experts, nitrogen exposure is responsible for producing yellow to orange diamonds. Meanwhile, the presence of boron can make deep blue to sky blue diamonds. Violet diamonds are the result of hydrogen exposure.

It is not only the presence of elements that can make a diamond change its color. A change in pressure during the formation of the diamond can also result in a rearrangement of its crystal lattice. Thus, if there is a huge amount of pressure on the diamond while it is forming deep below the Earth’s mantle, red, pink, purple or brown diamonds will result. If diamonds are exposed to natural radiation, the diamonds can turn green. This natural radiation can take up to millions of years.

Another reason why natural colored diamonds are so unique is because we know that they were all formed thousands of years ago. The time factor, and the proper mining, cutting, polishing and setting of colored diamonds, all contribute to their high prices and their exclusivity as well.

However, it is not enough that you own a colored diamond. The colored diamond has to be of top quality, as determined by the intensity scale that international bodies have created for the grading of diamonds. Generally, a diamond that has a grade of fancy or vivid color is most valued. When choosing the pair of white gold diamond earrings that you want make sure to choose the color of diamond as well.  You can go with colored diamonds or stay with the tried and true clear or white diamond.